I hate writing these parts. These 'about me' parts. If you try to be funny it comes off as annoying and loud, too serious and no one will come back, nerdy….well, nerd is awesome but few can really do nerdy. So, really I am just like the other millions of hobby bloggers out there.  I could make a list that contains coffee, cafes, socks, travel, driving with my windows down and how much I ADORE my husband but you have head that all before. I mostly sound frantic. Because I am. Because I am trying to get a post written and published in nap time. Nap time might be 1.5 hours in real time but in 'baby is safe and you can do what you want' time it is only 5 min. 

Dishes or blog that is the question...

I actually do adore my husband. He makes me laugh and he laughs with me a lot. We have been married nearly 4 years and have a lot of fun together. But we also fight sometimes. 

We made this baby. We named him Lewis. We are really into him. He is great. And really, really cute.  He is only 7 months old and is just learning how to be naughty. Stay tuned and I am sure you will have more on him. 

I love natural health and natural beauty products, so I talk about that sometimes.

We get to travel often. We always take our baby with is so that makes for some humorous stories. By the time Lewis is 1 year he will have been on over 20 flights lots of states and 3 countries. 

^Me, sipped black tea, which is my favorite. You clicked here to find out my favorite hot drink right?^
^We live in Hawaii. Not really, but somedays I wish we did. We live in Portland OR.^

^Lewis baby^


^This is one of my favorite 'us' photos right now.^

Well, thanks for coming in. And happy surfing. 



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