Our first childhood illness

We made it though our first childhood illness over here. Lew picked up Roseola and it was a lot of work. And pretty sad too. I had no idea what it was…but I do now.  I wish I had some wonderful natural remedy that took care of it in 24 hours to share, but it seems to be one of those that just needs to run its course. Man sickness sucks and it's double that when it's your kid. I was not expecting it to be so hard to watch your child work though illness. Once my Lewis is sick nothing else seems to matter and I don't care that all he wants to do is be held, nurse and sleep in my bed. All schedules and rules go out the door.  So that is what we have been doing this week. Holding, snuggling, nursing and co sleeping. 

Pardon the quality of the photos. I didn't bust out the SLR for these memories...

^Oat meal baths for baby rashes. He loves the water.^

^Going with daddy to get an avocado for mom^
^Selfies make us smile^ 

^Daddy makes us feel better too^

We are back to full health and going, going going. He is getting faster at crawling, closer to walking and funnier and funnier. 


Dina-Marie said...

Wow, how Lewis has grown and he is so adorable! Having a sick little one is so sad!


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