How having a baby effected my marriage

Photo by Ethan York

We fight harder. We have more passion and purpose in being 'right'.

We cry more. And I needed to cry more.

We laugh harder. And more often.  Because when you have baby there is a whole lot to laugh at.

We are much better at doing nothing together. We have had some of the best 'nothing' days this year.

We are able to pick up conversations that ended half way though, no problem.

Our relationship is more secure. Peeing in front of each other, not to mention giving birth in front of someone along with the raw emotions that come with being new parents. Not to mention the makeup-less, sweatpants, mountain of dishes and the messiest house we have ever lived in ugly allows us to absolutely know that our love is not based on humor, beauty or what we do.  It's rooted in respect, gratitude, service and a love I could not fathom. It is safe, warm and wonderful. 

We make eye contact more. Because we both share a wonderful obsession with a little guy who is the cutest thing and if you say something he might stop doing what he is doing.

We know more about each other childhoods. Because, whether we agree, disagree or I never thought of that, 'My mom...' always comes up. We have tried to turn this into story time, not argue time. It works. Mostly…

I love him more.  Because watching him love our child brings me to the utmost respect for him.

We don't sleep as much. But seriously. It's not that big a deal to be tired. Everyone is tired. I was tired before I had a kid too. 

We have a lot more fun doing everything. Suddenly things like going for walks, shopping even doing the dishes are a lot more fun when you have a mini you wanting to get his hands in whatever you are doing, and that makes you feel just cool. 

If every child expands your ability to love laugh and life I want tons, tons, tons more. 

I really like being a mom. I like what it has done to me, my husband and my marriage. 


Sarah said...

We are much better at doing nothing together, that is so true for my husband and I!

I really enjoy your blog and always look forward to your new posts!



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