Not crazy. Or alone.

Some days I feel like I am all alone in my thoughts emotions, actions and insecurities. Staying with our friends who have a little boy about a month younger than our Lewis has been great. I have learned a lot. Mostly that I am not crazy. Or alone. 

Other moms…

Feel like they have had the biggest workout of their life. Every night. 

Can't make it from 3 o'clock to dinner without a snack when nursing. 

It only takes one trip to one store to make a day feel successful. 

The amount of sleep your baby gets is directly related to your happiness.

All new moms are a little germ-o-phone.

Because if your baby does get sick you can't even think about doing anything but cuddling and kissing feverish checks. 

Are willing to clean up for 15 minuets for 3 quiet ones.

Some days you look better on the outside then you feel on the inside. 

Wonder if you could be wrecking a person with little, everyday choices. 

Is pretty sure life is in slow motion. Until you reach nap time. 

Not want to put your baby in the carseat even for 10 min because you can't handle the potential crying. 

Have sad days. 

Have fat days. 

Have P.J. days.

It can take hours or even days to replay to a text message.

Feel happier and more content at home then you ever thought possible. 

^I love being his mommy. He is so much fun to be with^

P.S. I asked this cute little family what their number one baby product is: 
She said: Ten of these and she could do pretty much everything. Haha. Everything? 
He said: They couldn't live without this bad boy


Sarah Bradshaw said...

My sister has that BOB stroller, and LOVES IT. As in, gushes every time someone mentions a stroller. :)

I love seeing how happy you are, and how adorable Lewis is!! SO PRECIOUS!!


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