Colorado Springs

We headed to Colorado for a conference for young leaders. It was great. And so much work. Keeping L quiet for hours at a time is...impossible actually. But all in attendance were very understanding to a happy squeal every once in a while.  Lewis seemed to enjoy the attention he got between the sessions. On the third day he had a low grade fever. It stressed me out but he seemed fine and content to ride in the pack all day. He was fine the next day.
^Yes, L thinks he should be walking right now. I think he is just fine speed crawling^
^Wonderful speaker and friend, Jeff Myers^
^Lewis and friend Isaac. He was unsure of the idea of baby friends^

^Hanging out in the lobby^

^Yes, that is a kitchen strainer. I brought everything I could think of that he actually plays with for more than 3 min^

^Thankful for Grandparents, even those who are not related.^

We came home for 24 hours, repacked and headed to California to see our dear and wonderful friends. We are so enjoying our babies and the sunshine and the palm trees that line the streets. All that to say it has been a whirlwind month.

^Our one night at home was cozy^

^Our boys meeting. They are 3 weeks apart and pretty much the cutest things in the world^

I like CA way too much. And am taking way too many photos.


Joy said...

Looks like a fun trip! I love his reaction to meeting little guys his own age, haha! A lot of your images aren't showing says "you don't have permission to view this photo" Just my computer??

Karen said...

So great to see you guys and catch up!


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