California beach

Our first day on the CA beach. I was thrilled to show Lewis. I guess I thought the love of salt and sand would be in his blood. Like mine. Like me. He was not the biggest fan of the sand, it was weird and stuck to everything. Nor the cold salt water, but we made him put his toes in anyway. I know he will love it someday. Nor the wind. But I can't blame him for that one.
 ^This is sand my son, you will love it one day. [He does not agree]^
 ^We are working on sitting down.^
 ^He is so patient with us. That is his, "mommy is more excited then I am" face^
 ^The boys showing the boys the sea^
 ^Salt and sand^
 ^Chilly and 'why are we doing this?'.
 ^He thinks the beach is overrated.^
 ^High 5^
 ^Beach friends^
 ^High 5 foot style^
 ^Beach babies and daddies. Kill me now.^
 ^Baby tricks on the beach^
 ^I secretly scooted him off the towel and distracted him with a spoon so he was actually playing in the sand^
 ^Thus, fulfilling my dream for him^
^Yeah, He got into it. No, I didn't put that on his face on purpose. He did it himself^

But we are going to continue working on it.


Joy said...

I am sure Gian will help convince him of how awesome the beach is! The "baby tricks on the beach" shot is AWESOME!!!!!!!! Looks like such a fun trip :)


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