8 months old

6 teeth
Speed crawling 
Laughing all the time 
2-3 naps a day 
Loves going on walks 
Loves adventures 
18 flights in his 8 months 
Interested in everything 
Into everything 
Drinking water from a straw 
Follows dad around the house 
Don't you dare go outside without him 
Wakes up happy to be alive. 
Seems to be a morning person.
Hilarious and wonderful and so much fun. 

^He thinks I am so funny. I think he is great You can badly see his top teeth in this one. They are just broken though for witch we are both thankful^ 
^I. see. a. dog. I love dogs!^
^He claps all the time. It's also his sign that he wants to be picked up^
^Please note the point^
^One of my favorite things about him^
^Pulling himself up on everything. Including small friends^

^Always moving^

Man, my kid is cool


Karen said...

How'd I miss so many posts? Love these pics and your mommy reflections.


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