Notes on Mastitis

^Right now we are all in Colorado. We are helping out with a conference here.I will be chatting it up about some of my favorite topics like branding and marketing. Such fun. More on the travel day later…

As soon as we got the water heater running and we all bathed I started on the long to do list. The next morning I woke up, put the baby on my back and went to work putting the basement back together. 

All of a sudden: I had a sudden fever and felt very sick. 

Mastitis, or in other words a breast infection. Holy smokes, those things are a beast. It was horrible. I called my mom for back up because I could not manage feeding myself and my baby. 

^sleeping and resting together^

^Flowers and mom and dad help any day^ 

I did learn a few tricks from experienced mommies and my wonderful doc. I thought I was in labor again. No  kidding. I am so sorry if you have had these consistently. 

Important note: This is not medical advice 

1. Go to bed. If you keep moving it will only get worse. 

2. Drink 2 glasses of water every hour. 

3. Feed the baby in different positions and as often as you can. 

4. Take these often, as suggested or doc prescribed. 

5. Eat yogurt [without sugar] 

6. Desolate these under your tongue for pain management. [I always keep Arnica on hand]  

7. Castor oil packs. Put some castor oil on the lump, place a flannel or wool against it and then a heating pad. [NOTE: Don't let baby get any of this in their mouth] I also add a drop of lavender. Both of these oils are good to have on hand. I use them just about everyday. 

8. Take hot showers often and massage lumps firmly twice a day. Or more if it makes you feel more comfortable. 

9. Place a fresh cabbage leaves on breast. This helps draw out the infection. 

10. Take naps. 

My fever broke after 24 hours and I was feeling not like dying after 48. It was just in time to get on a plane :) 



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