Is it summer yet?

I am sitting at my kitchen table, drinking tea and eating chocolate chips for breakfast. It's currently 11.30. L is  sleeping.  He is going on 3 hours. A new nap record. Yes, just not getting to breakfast. 

I have been in a funk. I think January is the worst month. I don't like it. Ever. It's sad that Christmas is over and summer seems far far away. It always takes forever for February to get here.

Lewis is in full discovery mode. Into everything. Every day he finds a new trick to make my heart stop.  I can't get a thing done. Baby becoming mobile has been [way] harder then having a newborn. I am in culture shock everyday. 

^Tippy toes. We are putting carpet in the next kitchen. Whoever though slate was a good idea?^

^We are WAY into books right now. It doesn't matter what we are reading he wants in on it.^

Dreaming of warmer days, 



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