Extra non-glamorous life today

Mostly, I don't feel like recanting that details. I will just say: broken water heater, flooded basement, old photograph rescue, teething baby and sick mamma. 

Knowing we will laugh about it next year has kept us…at least smiling. 

L is working on his top teeth. One finally came through and the other is close. Poor guy, his ears have been really bugging him. The upside of a teething 7 month old is all he wants to do is be held and snugged and sit on my lap. I don't get much else done but really, what else is there? It feels so so so good to hold my baby. All plans have been on hold and we have been hanging out, reading books, boiling water for baths and trying to fix the problems that arise when you own a home. The entire house is a complete disaster and I have not taken a shower in 3 days.

^Extra non-glamorous, us today^

^We saved hundreds of Rowan's old photos from our flooded basement. Nothing was harmed beyond repair thank goodness. PERK: I got to see A LOT of [really] dorky photos of my husband at 18. I'd share but I want a goodnight kiss tonight. [Just kidding. Kinda]^

^This happens when L falls or accidentally rolls over when crawling. He thinks he can't get up. He lays there with this face until we grab him. We are calling him turtle boy. I love you Lewis, turtle, weirdo.^

Why, yes that is a dirty diaper, photo, toilette paper, extension cord and a bunch of dirt all over the floor I am letting my baby crawl on It's been a long, long day.^

But right now,  I am sitting in a quiet, baby napping house amidst a thousand old photos. Determined I will take more photos and invest in photo books. Lots of photos books. Man, photographs are such wonderful things. Such cool stories come from them. Things you would never remember without them.  

The hot water heater is running so there is a shower in my near future! I have not even thought about dinner but I know we will be eating on the living room floor because there is no way the house will be picked up before we are hungry. 

Monday pizza and movie night is sounding pretty perfect right about now.


Lee said...

This post is perfect. Thank you for sharing non-glamorous stories as well as priceless ones (the picture of Lewis' face is truly one of the cutest things I've ever seen).


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