2013 in review

I think I can call this the craziest year of my life. Because a baby came out of me. And that is the craziest thing that can happen.

Best parts of 2013: 

Lewis A. Gillson was born and took our breath away with his chub, smile and charm. And to this day we can hardly breath. 

Stayed home a whole month after L was born. Best thing I did.

We marveled at every detail of our baby boy. Still do in fact

Got to know this guy even better. He just gets cooler and cooler

 Turned 28. 
^Eating my lemon birthday cake.^

Ate a LOT of cheese.

Did a lot of cuddling.

Went on a pre baby trip to Hawaii. Totally wonderful.

A lot of belly measurements happened last year.

Fell more in love

Wondered who he looked like

Waited to pop

Fell in love again

Went to the beach. 

Got to see my best mommy friend. And her baby bump too.

Had a baby shower

Introduced new grandparents.

Watched a lot of romantic comedies.

Loved becoming a mommy

Stared at the video monitor

For hours and hours

Read some stories

Took 16 flights

Taught a class

Can a year get any better?

Ready to see you try 2014! 


Elizabeth Caswell said...

Aww. So sweet! Lewis is such a wonderful guy! Cheers to 2014!

Unknown said...

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