2014 goals


I of course planned to have this written and posted you know,  Jan 1st. I could tell you the thousands reasons why this didn't happen but it's water under the bridge. And I don't have the capacity to write and make sickness and laziness sound cool.

So. Here are my honest to goodness, real life hopes for the next year. Some might seem totally lame to you. But that this just because you don't have a baby. So, save this post until you do and read it when you want to feel better about yourself. 

^He is getting so big. I love him so much it's carzy^

Here we go 2014…

Yoga 5 times a week. Or go for a walk if I don't want to do yoga. 
Make dinner more often. It just has to be warm food around 6. 
Eat and shop local. 
Eat in season. 
Shower everyday.
Wash hair 3 times a week. That includes blow drying…
Stick to the budget!
Go to the beach 6 times. It's good for the soul. 
Dance in the kitchen more often. 
Dance more often. Also good for the soul. 
Take a class...in something. 
Go out with my husband. ALONE. 
Focus on my liver health 
Breast feed until L is a year. At least. 
Throw more dinner parities. 
Mix my own dry teas. I've been wanting to do this for a while. 
Meal plan. That means plan what's for dinner that night. 
Do a photo shoot with baby around his month birthdays. 
Post here more often. [hahahaha…ooopps]
Hunt the free zone on crags list and refresh the living room. 
Eat less bread. 
Eat more green. 
Have the couple next door over for dinner. Maybe we will be friends.
Keep the house picked up. Or at least socially acceptable. 
Be honest about what I can and can't do and let others do what I can't. 
Kiss my baby 100 times a day 
Kiss my husband 1 more time then I kiss my baby. 
Say I love you more
Say thank you more
Smile more 
Sing more 
Love more. 

Happy new years. Sorry I have not been around. I will do better. Things are looking up. 



Unknown said...

Can I add "Visit Nomes, Jim and Mikey in DC" to your list? :-)

Sarah said...

Love it! Sounds a lot like my list would be like! :-)

Anonymous said...

Great list! :)


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