Thankful Thanksgiving

We got to go visit Rowan's side of the family for Thanksgiving! It snowed [and I forgot to take a photo of L in his first snow. Fail mommy moment.] We spent a lot of time eating and chilling and watching Lewis grow up. Which he did a lot of that week. He cut his second tooth, learned how to roll from back to tummy and figured out how to scoot [backwards]. He is so entertaining to watch. I could do it all day. Well, actually, that is what I do most days. 

Coming home has been hard. It always is. L is having a hard time napping, he wants to be held all the time. I had kind of a crappy day too. So we cuddled a lot, didn't unpack but did make dinner. 

Just a few photos: 

 ^He loves airplanes. I think it is because he just goes back and forth between us.^
 ^Touching EVERYTHING. Putting it in his mouth if he can, not awesome on the plane.^
 ^First ever Christmas gift.^
 ^Wild turkeys, day after Thanksgiving.^
 ^Christmas with Grandma, new books!^
 ^He loves books, chewing on them, but loves them just the same.^
 ^Are you kidding me? New hats always make for good days…even when I have a horrid bad hair day. My curling iron broke halfway though doing my hair. AND Rowan didn't tell me I had bangs in my face.^
 ^Trying on a new sweater. It did fit over the belly.^
 ^Playing with auntie in p.j.s^
 ^Great grandma, he loves her^
^Had to stick this one in there too.^

Ready for Christmas to start? I am SO excited it's finally time to say MERRY CHRISTMAS! 



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