Flying with baby 0-6 months


On the way to see Rowan's family we where going though security, it was seamless and [to sound terribly prideful] we made it look pretty easy compared to some other one child families. Then I realized that we had just done this a lot. Lewis has been on 11 flights in 3 months. No wonder we have had to find some tricks of the trade. I know some of you are headed out for Christmas, I hope you find some of these a little helpful.


Flying Tips with baby 0-6 months. 


Wear baby in the front pack when going though security. You will not have to take him off. You will walk though a medal detector and the get your hands swiped by TSA. It's not a big deal and baby can keep sleeping.

When you book your flight make sure it says 'infant in arms'. That is all baby will need to get on the flight.

Most airports have family friendly lines. Ask if you don't see one, they are shorter or sometimes the primer lines.

You will have to put your stroller though the scanner so be ready for that.

Bottles and baby food don't count as liquid, but warn TSA if you are carrying that stuff on.

We chose the pre board option at this point.

In flight

Dress baby in warm, layered clothing.

Nurse often, the air is dry and you want to get those antibodies in there to fight of all those colds. Or bring an extra bottle or two. [Dress accordingly]

If you are going international I recommend this blow up nursing pillow.

Nurse when you take off and land. This helps their ears.

Drink a lot of water.

Try not to stress I am always shocked at how Lewis can ready my emotions. If I am chill, he is relaxed.

Smile at people who talk to your baby, they just are happy and if you get into fussy trouble when on the flight you want people to like you.


More diapers/wipes then you think
Changing pad [those bathrooms are nasty]
Front pack incase you nee to walk.
A change of cloths for baby [Lewis only has poop blowouts when we are above 10,000 feet]
A water bottle for you if you are nursing. I like these. Pack them empty then fill up after security.
Drink a lot, often.
Snacks for you if you are nursing. Eating is very important for keeping up your supply.
Sanitary wipes. I am that mom that wipes down everything.
Hand sanitizer
A few toys [Depending on how quickly your baby get board, we rotate about 5]

I have had nothing bout great times flying with baby, Just remember your baby can yell when you are really stressed so do what you can to stay relaxed.

Merry Christmas!

ps Just don't book tight connections. It's not worth it.


Lee said...

I decided to procrastinate a little bit longer and check your blog before packing for our trip on Wednesday morning. I'm traveling without my husband, and it's the first time I'm flying with my baby. Thank you for posting this! I'll use all the advice, and it was really timely.

Unknown said...

Great advise Jocelyn but since you love Young Living you will agree that you can use the thieves hand spray for a hand sanitizers as well as to spray down all surfaces. It kills 99.9% germs. It smells really yummy like cinnamon and Clove and will kill the germs in the air as well as on surfaces. Joc can help you get your hands on some. You can even spray it in your mouth if you have a sore throat or something. her # is 1568165 to order.


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