A half birthday

6 months old…It is insane how much changes in 30 days. 

We are one the move! Backwards mostly. 
2 teeth that are so stinking adorable he gets whatever he wants. Which is water from a straw mostly.
He is obsessed with our phones and computers. Witch we don't let him play with. So I guess he doesn't get whatever he wants. 
He sings along to his lullaby when we goes down for a nap. Loud. It's the best ever. 
He really likes to wear shoes. Because he likes to chew on leather. 
Think we lost all the baby hair. 
Pat, pat, pat, repeat. 
Fake laughing when mommy and daddy laugh because we are big now.
Head bumps. Often. Cries a little. 

He is so funny and wonderful and hilarious. And the bow tie makes it all the better! 

Bow tie onsie: Sweet and simple Co [for 20% off use code: rojo2013]
Awesome sheepskin rugs we use everyday right now. 


Zoé said...

what a cutie, oh my gosh :)


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