Zurich Switzerland

Zurich was really fun, a great way to end the trip. It is on the river in the alps and overflowing with chocolate and fondue. I want fondue... 

We walked the cobble stone streets with the leaves golden and the sun shining, and sometimes

with chocolate in hand.  I highly recommend visiting! 
^Love flower boxes^
^Pastel building^
^One day I want a home with shutters^
^The river walk. I Love cities with rivers^

^Loves and a creeper^

^Nursing in public. Again^

^How can you love a little one so much? I don't know but I do^

^Last day lunch^
^Choosing a birthday watch!^
^I picked this one because it's in the train stations and those are my favorite^
^My husband sure does spoil me^


Tori Watson said...

could you be anymore adorable? love all of these!

Kaylene said...

mixed emotions when I see that train station. said one too many goodbyes there, but the hellos were also sweet. (:

Elizabeth Anne Watkins said...

Oh my gosh!! Love the watch!!!

Lee said...

The picture of Lewis in his stroller with his feet sticking out kills me. So. Cute.

Theresa Bond said...

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