Teething relief

Teething is a new thing for us. I am finding some good natural readies that are actually effective.His first tooth broke through last weekend and the other one is close behind.

Amber neckless. Lots of non-hippy moms swear by them. I think they work. But I am a hippy. And they are so darn cute!

Camilla teething relief, a step to take before the Tylenol. Very effective for us.

Young living lavender oil. I use Joba oils as a carrier and put it on his feet at night. Really helps him sleep.

Dye free Tylenol. Not above it, not below it. When my baby can't sleep I give it to him and don't feel bad about it.

Extra sungs because it just hurts!


Lee said...

This was really helpful! I'm a first time mom, and I've used Young Living oils before but am only trying them with my four month old now. Do you only use the lavender oil? I've heard RC works well too with a carrier oil.
Thanks for your post. Now I'm going to look into the amber necklaces because teething is terrible...

A little Rojo said...

I don't have RC but you should try it! I think it is different with each person. Let me know if it works for your little one. Teething seems to be a bear that is for sure! Lewis didn't go to sleep until 1.30 last night, he was hurting pretty bad :(


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