Sweet and Simple Give away!

Update: Winner has been selected and notified. Thanks for playing!

I have never been more excited about the holiday season. Having a 6 month old makes everything so much better. Even Christmas. Right now we are in Rowan's home town in Minnesota. It is very chilly. 

Because we are all now in the holiday mode [and I like to bribe you to say hello], I wanted to give a few gift ideas and send you one too. 

^Perfect holiday headbands and a wipe case I know you will love, because I do and I am very picky.^ It's girly, and I may be living vicariously though you because my son can't wear headbands...but if you don't have a little girly I bet you know one you love and who would want these^^^

A few weeks ago, I did a lifestyle shoot with my baby sisters for Sweet and Simple Co! The girls LOVED the headbands and kept saying we needed to cut down a Christmas tree. Everything that comes out of that shop is well made and detailed to perfection.

Sweet and Simple CO also carries the best of these:

 ^Lewis gets about a million complements when he wears this. It's the most adorable thing^
 ^Please not the eyebrow.^

And you can switch up the bow tie colors [look at these], they have little snaps. [It is also an effective drool catcher. I switch the bow ties half way though the day.] The onsie is a good one too, not see through.

Another product I use everyday: A fancy wipe case. I love having pretty things when I am, you know, changing a diaper. It looks like a clutch so I don't mind carrying it outside of my bag.

I want to give you a set of 3 Christmas headbands and wipe case!


1. Go to Sweet and Simple CO Facebook and, like their page

2. Leave a comment below [my fav part]

3. Cross your fingers.

Winner will be chosen on Friday.

Sweet and Simple is giving readers 20% off their order with code ROJO2013

p.s.I want this


Alaina said...

I'm getting a niece in March.... these are PERFECT.

Ally Joy said...

Adorb. Perfect little stocking stuffers! Eep!

Angel said...

Adie wants one in her size:)

Michelle said...

Cute! love the eyebrow shot... that should be made into a greeting card :-) happy thanksgiving!

Theresa said...

Just discovered sweet and simple recently! So glad I did! My girls look so cute!

Anonymous said...

I think my nieces Genevieve and Korbyn would look pretty adorable in these :)

Kay said...

Super cute giveaway! Of course, cause it's from Anntonette :).

Give Lewis a squeeze from Auntie Kay! Love you!

Unknown said...

The headbands would look beautiful on my baby girl!!!

Abigail said...

Of course this will make me comment... What a cute giveaway! I think I'll get a bow tie for Matthew, thanks for the promo code. :) Oh and hi :)

Traci said...

My little June was blessed with a little bald head... perfect for headbands! :-) She'll be nearly three months at Christmastime.

Laurel West said...

Oooh! Love these! :)

Rebecca said...

Yay!! Love these!!!

Unknown said...

These are soooo adorable! I have been looking everywhere for something like this! They would match my 6 month olds Christmas dress perfectly! ♥


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