Sometimes I don't think I have any friends.  

Sometimes I am accused of never answering my phone. And they are right. 

Sometimes I don't wear make-up, but do my hair .

Sometimes I eat chocolate cake for breakfast. 

Sometimes I don't shave my legs many, many days in a row. 

Sometimes it is thinking about food that gets me out of bed in the morning. 

Sometimes I am shy.

Sometimes I can't stop talking.

Sometimes I still can't believe I'm a mom.

Sometimes bright lipstick makes it all better

Sometimes I tell my husband I love him 204,971 times a day.


Sarah Bradshaw said...

Sometimes I think I don't have any friends, too.
Sometimes I tell my husband I love him about that many times a day, too.
Sometimes I can't believe I'm married.
Sometimes I can't believe I live in DC.
Sometimes I don't get dressed until 5:30pm.
Sometimes I forget to eat meals (... like today. oops, it's lunchtime, and I forgot about breakfast).
Sometimes I wish there were more hours in the day, AND more hours at night.

Nate and Robyn Copper said...

I like this Jocelyn. Well put and hit home in many ways in my life.


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