Packing for baby 0-6 months

We have traveled twice State-side and once internationally in the past 6 months. Our first trip was when baby was 3 months old. We went to Europe when he was 4 months. So far traveling with him has been nothing but wonderful.

My objective is to wash clothes every 3–5 days. 

Lewis does not have poop blow-outs often, but he is very drooly, so wearing a shirt twice will not happen. But he is able to wear his trousers twice or more.

Diapers: We use Amazon and have them shipped to the location we will be staying [when traveling in the States].
Everything I bring matches. It bothers me if my baby does not looked put together. I packed so anyone can grab trousers and a shirt would match [white goes with everything]. It works really well.
Diapers/ wipes  [2 weeks]
2 packs of 31 diapers
1.5 packs of wipes

[Links are exact or close to what I brought to Europe. That was a 2-week trip in a mild, but chilly climate]
8 long sleeve shirts [I like these
5 pairs of pants. [2 pair light cotton, 2 heavy cotton, 1 wool  [We use the wool as a base layer as well.]
1 sweater [I brought a cotton one and it was the wrong choice. It was soo stinky by the end of the trip. I want to get something like this one]
1 pair boots [This pair is the only thing that will stay on his feet all day.]
2 pair wool socks [Investing in socks that stay on their feet is money well spent. These are great.]
2 pair jammies [I like one pieces, it's less to keep track of]
Extra warm suit (we used this when he wants to be in the pack and it's cold]
Winter and light Pilot cap [These are the best.]

^strolling the streets of Vienna^

Stroller [This is the single greatest purchase we have made. We take it everywhere and he loves it.]
Stroller bundle me [We can also use this on his car seat. I love it.]
Stroller blanket [We use this to cover him at night, it is the perfect size]
2 flannel swaddles 
The pack [we have been so happy with our Beco]
We have loved our small travel bed for baby

In the day diaper bag
Skiphop changing pad with diapers and wipes for the day.
A toy  or two
3-5 pacis  [I think I bring like 20 on the trips. I didn't care if we left one of if one got too dirty we just tossed it. They are cheap.]
Extra outfit in case. [I like one pieces]

Hope this helps! Traveling with a baby is a great adventure.


Unknown said...

Great post, and great info. No baby here, but it's awesome to see that having a little one of your own doesn't keep you from your travels!

Natalie Scott said...

This helped so much! We're traveling to DC for a wedding, and my daughter will be 14 months old. I've been wondering how it will be to travel with her, thanks for your tips!


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