Salzburg part 2

Coming this way is much harder in the world of jet-lag. Baby and I have been having a hard time. He was up at 1am 'for the day' a few nights in a row. Killer. We are slowly moving the right direction. I went to my parents' house for nap support [my nap time that is] and that has been a huge help. He was up at 4am today. That seems good, compared to 1am. 

I sure am missing Europe. I sure am sleepy. 

 ^In front of the 'I have confidence" Fountain from Sound of Music^

 ^I was so happy to be there!^
 ^This was the place Maria sat when she was deciding if she wanted to be a nun.^
 ^This is the Maria's Abbey^
 ^The church in the Abbey, also the location for the film's "Climb every mountain"^
 ^Baby Lewis LOVES the Sound of Music tour!^
 ^My favorite tea [Assam] at my favorite café in Salzburg [Café Tomaselli]
 ^All dressed up to eat in the oldest restaurant in Europe^
 ^A sight you will see often on the streets^
 ^Nursing in public^
 ^Hanging out together^
 ^With my love it's always a good day^
 ^Our travel baby^
 ^Darn sexy if you ask me^

^I am sure you noticed but I got my hat! This is the shop I found the perfect navy hat in. Great fun^

Love from all of us



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