international flight with baby, check.

We made it! Babe did incredible on the flight over. No melt downs. Just one poop blow out 30 min into the flight. We even had an extra seat in our row [that was a life saver]. I was not able to sleep at all. Lewis moves around a LOT when he is sleeping, I arrived in Vienna exhausted. But, Lewis slept pretty well last night so today we where able to get out for a bit. One day, when I am less jet lagged I will write some detials about this wonderful place. Once I started typing I deiced to save the poeticness for another day. My eyes are burning. 

^Good morning Vienna^

^Our hostel^
^Living room/ babe^ 
^It's cold here^
^couldn't help it^
^Fruit market, just down he street. I over bought this morning. I have no selt control when it comes to fresh fruit^

^ Mannequin have faces here^
^Faces with make up^

^He is so much fun, I can't get over it^
^mmm window shopping. I think I want a hat this trip^

^Just pretty^

Flight photos...
 ^Classic/no make up / nervous face^
 ^Enjoying the use of phones for the "last time"^
 ^Lunch and watching sound of music of course! Baby was into it^
 ^This is how we spent 10 hours^
 ^Layover in Amsterdam^
^First glances of Austria^

Tomorrow our team gets in! I can't wait to see them and explore more of this place! 

Love from Vienna,


Natalie Scott said...

Love seeing pictures and hearing about your adventures!


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