Home and Salzburg photos

We made it home safe and sound. With only 1 melt down and a 7 hour nap on the way for babe. We slept until 11am this morning with only a few [3] midnight parties/dirty diapers/feedings.  I don't think Lewis recognized our house once we finally got here. He seemed stressed and a little scared last night, of course that could just be because of his crazy parents who think it's a great idea to tote the boy all over the world. This morning he is doing much better and is happy as ever. 

Sorry I was not able to post as the trip went. I just could never  muster the energy to go to the internet cafĂ© after a day of exploring with baby all over the place. But don't you even worry. There are photos to come! 

Here is out first day in Salzburg. It was my favorite city in the trip. A small, beauitful town carved from the alps. 

^Ready to board our train^ 

^Nothing more romantic then a train in a train station. Where shall we go today my love? ^

 ^We made it and baby is happy!^ 
 ^The street out Hostel was on. I took a photo of the hostel but there was a huge dumpster next to the door so I can't show you that photo.^ 
 ^The hills really are alive^
 ^Literally carved in the mountains. I love that Europe can paint their building in pastels and not look weird. Not really fair.^
 ^That is real^
^Mozart was born up there^
 ^Church in a cliff^
 ^How much I love them^
 ^ Huge vines^
 ^Narrow streets to explore^
 ^ I took about a thousand photos of this^
 ^Salzburg ^

^Hanging out with my baby, he is into giving very drooly kisses these days. I don't mind one bit!^

I am always sad to leave Europe, it was such a wonderful time. 
See you soon!



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