Austria, show us what you've got!

Well to start off honestly, I thought today was Tuesday. My house is a complete disaster, I am not unpacked from out Colorado trip and half packed for our upcoming trip. Babe and I are not completely back to normal after being sick. All of these things are weighting on my adventure heart. And currently the thought of an international flight is freaking me out.

We are going to Europe on Friday. Did I forget to mention that? Perhaps that is because this trip snuck up and scared me. Yesterday. 

 ^oh and my baby is 4 months old. That snuck up on me too^

^I am so glad you are ours and we get to take you with us! You are such fun!

^told ya^

So after feeling paralyzed with overwhelmingness, started to remember why I am SO excited to go! This helps with the packing inspirations. We are headed to Austria and Switzerland. Vienna, Salzburg, and Zurich. I've not been. A 10 hour flight is part of the deal and always worth it.

Austria Awesomeness: 
Wiener schnitzel is just fun to say. 
I am totally going to belt out "THE HILLS ARE ALIVE!!!" 
Apfelstrudel [Apple strudel!] Also fun to say, funner to eat! Born in Vienna...who knew?
The music culture. Baby Lewis, your brain is in for a growth spurt!
These things calledl kafés (Coffee Houses). I am very excited to go to as many of these as I can. It looks like you are suppose to eat cake there too. Bummer. 



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