Why being a mom is hard


1. You have to pretend it's not hard.

2. You don't 'get your body back' at 6 weeks after you have a baby.

3. You have to say you want to get out and take a walk when all you really want to do is eat and watch a movie.


4. You are starving all the time and are supposed to be losing weight.

5. When your baby cries, you want to cry.

6. You are forced to admit that you really can't keep up with your single friends anymore.

7. Sometimes you don't want anyone to touch your baby. But people always want to touch babies.

8.  Some days you feel 10 years old. [Maybe a lot of days] 

9. Your body does freaky things and it's kind of gross actually. 


10. You don't forget 'how it feels' or anything else about giving birth.

11. Everything you once did that was easy and fast is now harder and slower. 

12. I do remember what my life was like before I had a baby.

13. You didn't want to be one of those moms who thought her baby was the cutest ever and then you realize that you are. 

14. You use all the stupid, cliché you said you would never use, mainly: It's so worth it! 



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