First flight: Success!

We where the first ones to board. Got settled and the claustrophobia started to set in.  If he screams I have no place to go. Nervous, not so discrete glances of other passengers as they looked ahead to see the seat numbers...was theirs near of heaven forbid next to us?

I tried to time it so he would nurse as we took off. It's suppose to help the ears with the cabin pressure. So he was letting out a little squawk every now and then. I was sweating.

A not too pleased but seeming nice lady had the seat next to us. She didn't say much and put those head phones in very quickly. In fact they might have been in even before she sat down. Point well taken.

Finally we started to move, Lewis was ready to eat and fell asleep. Yeah! He stayed asleep. The whole flight! I woke him a little to nurse again as we landed.



First flight was a great success. But I awaite with butterflies the flight tomorrow as we go to CO.

We are having a wonderful time with the family. Lewis is getting loved and hugged and cooed over constantly. He adores it. [As long as I am in sight.]

^Meeting Aunties for the first time!

He is sleeping ok. He has been up some extra times and I am keeping him in my bed in the early morning for extra snuggles. There is a 2 hour time change and it took like 4 days for him to adjust. But we are at a good pattern now. He is so flexible, I can't believe it.

^We had the honor of introducing Lewis to his name sake. Rowan's grandfather. It was a great moment!

We are going to be in CO for a few weeks now.

It feels great to be back on the road again!


DerekandRachel said...

Oh I loved this! Derek had work down in FL when Will was 2 months old and the guy who hired him flew us down. I was so nervous about flying with the kiddos but esp Will. He was awesome, just like Lewis, so all my worrying was for nothing. (very thankful of course but I felt kinda silly then ;P) Glad to find out someone else felt the same way! :)


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