50 things about us

Because I have overdone the baby posts. And I should be unpacking. Blah, I hate unpacking.

And I like to think about us. 
^ By Derksworks. [Can't wait to show off our first family shoot!]

1.We both order soda water when we go out

2.He keeps a journal

3. She kind of does

4. He likes airplane food

5. She is always hungry

6. He has been to 42 countries

7. She has been to 10 countries

8. His dresser drawers are always going to be neater then hers

9. Her hand bag will always be messy

10. He wishes she would hang hang her towel up in the bathroom after she takes a shower

11. She always forgets to charge her phone and computer

12. He is in charge of charging both of theirs at night

13. She never knows where her phone is

14. He always does

15. He can't sleep if there is a speck of light in the room

16. He would eat macaroni and cheese every night but she won't let him

17. We love daydreaming about future

18. She likes her food spicy

19. He does not

20. She only likes food she is in the mood for in the moment

21. He thinks she is funny

22. He knows what she wants before she does

23. He is a good cook

24. We like to dance in the kitchen

25. He proposed on the beach

26. We watch T.V. on the computer

27. She is a night person

28. He is a morning person

29. He gets stressed out easily

30. She does not

31. We have lots of inside jokes

32. We want to adopt a few kids

33. She wishes she finished school

34. He has a Masters in communications

35. She played Volleyball in college

36. He is a level 10 piano player

37. He loves to go out to eat

38. She loves to go with him

39. We both don't mind living in small spaces

40. He lived in Chicago for 5 years

41. She always lived in the Northwest

42. We want to live in Europe one day

43. He grew up in Minnesota

44. She is scared of the snow

45. He hates getting rained on

46. She is thankful he moved to Portland

47. He hates the Bachelor

48. She hates video games

49. We are both picky

50. We are best friends


Unknown said...

I enjoyed reading this blog post. It's really cute and made me laugh. You two make an awesome couple who inspire me a lot! <3


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