Products I love

It's always my goal to live simply and well. I hate having too much stuff. What I do have I want to work and be efficient. So after trudging though endless baby produces and making some goodwill runs here are some things that work for us. Most things have more then one function. 

Lewis in the car
^I am good at changing him in the car^

We chose this Baby carrier  because it can be worn 4 ways. It fits Rowan and I so well. I love wearing it and Lewis loves being in it. 

I use this for Bum oil and body oil on Lewis. He has not had a diaper rash at all and I think it is partly because of this. It's really the only 'product' I use on Lewis. I am not a fan of baby powder or other creams. I use this for everything. 

We chose to use these Diapers I love them. 

Wipes for his bum bum. I did look into making my own but it was not cost effective and I don't want to spend time doing it when these are natural and great. 

Paci and he takes it well.

Love these Swaddles and these too. 

My fav Baby soap smells so good and no cradle cap to speak of! I use it on his head and body. 

Awesome Stroller. I got ours used but it was still a hefty investment. It was a good one. We love it. 

I love this brand of clothing. They are designed brilliantly for growing munchkins and last forever. 

This is my favorite partnering book. Mostly because it does not have a list or box. 

The diaper bag that is more like a wallet. I just stick it in the bag I am carring that day with an extra change of cloths for him and we are good to go. 



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