Our first trip.

Well, tomorrow marks the first trip with the babes. I was feeling confident until I started packing today.

We will be gone a month and I was determined to pack for both Lewis and myself in a carry-on each. I think I did it, but I have no idea if I have enough of the right things.  [That is what packing light is all about: having the right amount of the right things.] I will try and keep track of what we needed and what we didn't, and let you know. But no promises. Midnight runs to Walmart might be happening. It will be good practice for our upcoming trip to Europe in Oct. 

We have never flown with a car seat and stroller. Both my husband and I love/need/want to travel light and though I KNOW it's possible, it's much more of a challenge with an infant.

In other news, dear baby is grabby and drooling and smiling and laughing and sleeping 8 hours a night and a mommy's boy [not something I am working to change...I adore it]. The way he looks at me, oh geez.

I got some new boots [went with the black ones] after years of looking I finally found the right ones. On sale. They come all the way to my knee, they are not floppy or slouchy or too riding or too cowgirl. Love me some Frye. Speaking of clothing, just a little vent here, nursing and dressing is really frustrating. I am still fighting it out, but so far I think I am bad at it. You can only wear so many button downs, you know what I mean? Someone PLEASE design some cute nursing clothing. If you know of any PLEASE pass it on. I am getting desperate.


We will be spending some time with Rowan's family then going to teach photography classes. [I am back to work starting the end of Sept...we will see how it goes, something I am also nervous about]

Well this turned out to be a ramble post, but baby fell asleep next to me and I just have so much to tell you and I have time management issues. I have a running list of things I want to talk about, maternity clothing, oh the birth story, the supplements I took that [really] helped my labor. But right now I just want to say, wish me luck and I will see you on the other side!


PS The other day I was nursing under some stadium  [we went to a pro soccer game] stairs and a group of people walked by looked me int he eye and said "gross". I was covered and hiding. It hurt my feelings and made me mad. I guess that is what you get for nursing in public.


Linda said...

I'm not really qualified to comment on the nursing clothes since I don't have kids yet, but my best friend loves the stuff from http://www.motherhood.com/
and I plan to shop there once I have a baby. It seems to be long-torso friendly, which is a must for me.

Allie Dean said...

Not sure how Targets are in OR, but my mom has been finding some nice things on their clearance rack for my sister, i.e. colorful knits with no buttons ;)

Lewis is too precious for words. (sigh):)


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