Nursing in public

Jocelyn and Lewis
^Nursing at an outside café

So I nurse in public. With one of those covers. Living in Portland, actually having a cover is conservative. Still I have been a little taken aback at the reactions.

The other day I was nursing in a coffee shop a woman came up to me and thanked me for nursing my child. She said it was going back to what really matters.

Another time a woman came up and said she just knew I nursed because my hair looked good.

Another time a mom told her older kid that I was feeding my baby but was embarrassed so I had to wear a blanket.

Once a older man walked up and asked what I was 'doing to that baby.'

I have been asked if I 'like it' or if it 'hurts' or 'how long are you planning to do that.'

People are so funny. Having a baby in public brings on some odd conversations, for some reason people feel free to share what is really on their minds.

What do you think? Do you think it is weird when you see someone nursing in a public place? Do you nurse in public?


jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj said...

I nursed my daughter for 6weeks and then moved to pumping milk... I live in the suburbs of Atlanta were breastfeeding is seen from a totally different perspective. I was the first woman that year at the hospital I gave birth at who decided to breast feed. (and I had a summer baby)

nursing in public was incredibly awkward. people would stare or pretend I didn't exist. I tried to not nurse in public if I didn't have too.

Silhouettes1881 said...

Hey, if you're covered why should they care? Never had a baby, so haven't experienced it myself, but I have known some women who got some pretty nasty remarks. My cousin lives in NYC & they seem to be very closed-minded on this issue, however much they like to tout their acceptance of differences.

Sarah said...

Breast is best!!! =)
I havent had a baby, but as a health professional, I see it is important, and if given the opportunity (which is hopefully most of the time), mothers should take advantage of the opportunity, and use the natural baby milk bar God created for them to use!!! :)

In North Idaho it is pretty readily would be so much harder though in close-minded areas like the North East...

April Olivia Roskos said...

I think its wonderful!! I have never had a baby, but have been around my sister, sister-in-laws, cousin and friends who do have babies and have done so. When I see mom's nursing their babies in public I think "you go girl, good for you!" God created women that way and it is wonderful!! My best friend had one of those covers and her mother in law made her some too...I think they rock =D

p.s. You look beautiful in the picture!!!

Dina-Marie @ Cultured Palate said...

I have nursed all 10 of our babies until they were a year old. 28 years ago when I began, nursing in public (we lived in Ga. and lower Al.) was a no-no! Now, though, my daughter and daughter-in-law use a cover and nurse in public - I think it is great and so much more convenient than having to find some place to hide!

Anonymous said...

just found your blog! hi from NYC! I felt the same way initially when NIP( can you believe that's an acronym ha?)

It took a lot of courage but finally I was over it, and now I don't even use a cover. I actually find I'm even more discreet without one. For me breaking out the cover felt like a big flag "IM BREASTFEEDING YO!" The people who have come up and said nice things far out weigh the few side eyes. I've even had to nurse on a packed subway. Must like everything else once I did it a few times and got over my own issues I was cool with it and now I'm a self proclaimed pro.

I strongly believe in the two shirt philosophy, a killer NIP combo. Basically a cami/tank and a cute blouse that's a little loose over top. I find nursing specific tops really pathetic, so I avoid them. I can quickly lift up the blouse and pull down the cami and BAM, done. My stomach, back and even top of my boobs are covered and you can literally see nothing. Most of the time no one even notices it just looks I'm just holding a baby.

Anyways, sorry to be long winded. However you do it, you're doing great and I just wanted to say GREAT JOB. Rock on mama!

Anonymous said...

confidently do what needs doing! You know it's best for babe. I found nursing in a sling carrier to be quite discreet. Didn't have as much eye contact w/babes when out in public, but keeping eyes forward---most people completely unaware that I was even nursing. Hardest in the earlier months when you need 3 hands and a pillow-but much easier with mom's and babe's experience as babe grows.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen this? "Embarrassed" by Hollie McNish.

Abbie Maynard Chrisman


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