Backyard picnic

We hosted a few friends for dinner the other day. I decided it would be a picnic. It was so fun and the food turned out perfect and the light was great and the baby was happy and the conversation was good for the soul.

 ^Baby loves a party, he gets extra lovin

^Sissy and sandwiches. Good combo.

And not brag but the food turned out awesome. Seriously, you should try this: 

Salted Vanilla Lemonade 
1 cup fresh squeezed lemon juice 
3/4 cup real suger 
3-5 cups water to taste
Dash vanilla extract
1 tsp salt

You can also add fresh mint or lavender. It's so good!

Mix up, put over ice, put in cute mason jars, impress all your friends at how cool you are! I did, it totally works on the friends. I even impressed my for real foodie sister

Bacon, Brie and Apple Sandwich
Get a really good baguette, split down the middle, butter both sides, thinly slice a granny smith apple, and stick it in there, slice up some brie cheese, cook some good bacon [we like the smoked applewood from Trader Joes]. Put it in your really long and European sandwich. 

Can't take the credit for the food. I had the sandwich in Europe and googled the lemonade...
^Enjoy the last few moments of summer




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