Baby Update: 3 weeks old!

I am totally digging this baby thing. Really enjoying it. But man, I am feeding Lewis ever 2 hours during the day. It is so odd to have your day divided up in to hour segments. I feel like I can get nothing done. Well it's more of a reality then a feeling. It's all I can do to feed myself and him and go potty. But it's so wonderful. I know this time is short, short short. 

Here is some more interesting stuff for you...

-We ordered the next size up in diapers. 
-I fit back into my jean. 
-Lewis loves his carseat and stroller.
-I think his hair is going to stay! 
-He grew 2 inches 
-He is sleeping though the night 
-He did that mad cry thing the other day
-He snorts when he is sleeping VERy loudly, it's about time for him to sleep in his own room I think.
-He sleeps with his arms above his head and it's the best thing ever. 
-He will stay awake for hours at at time 
-He tracks voices really well. 
-He burps like a grown man 
-He seems to like it outside a lot.

And some photos of life the last few days...

^^You are so fun Lewis, even when you sleep!^^

^^His driving cap of course^^

 ^^Getting ready for a car ride, making sure there are no burps left.^^
^^My life^^

I am really starting to feel better. We are starting to get a rhythms and that makes me feel much more confident. Lewis is still the sweetest, most flexible baby that just enjoys being with people and getting held and snuggled. He's great and fits us perfectly! 

We are looking forward to a long holiday! The 4th of July is a big deal in my family. I am so excited to take Lewis to the parade! We will take lots of photos, and I will post them one day :) 

Love you guys and I do miss writing you more.


April Olivia Roskos said...

Love the pics and news!! Happy 4th of July!! It is one of my favorite days also!! -April


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