7 things I have learned in 7 weeks

Jocelyn and Lewis

1. It takes less then 24 hours to start texting about poop. 

2. Taking pictures of your baby is like breathing, if you stop you will die.

3. You feel your child's pain. Like in your body. 

4. Laughing is the right choice. 

5. I have to change my clothing as often as he does. 

6. My mom was right. About everything. Dang it. 

7. Baby fat roles are better then cookie dough


Dina-Marie @ Cultured Palate said...

You have learned a lot in 7 short weeks! I especially like "my mom was right about everything.Dang it." Just think, one day Lewis and his wife may be saying the same thing about you ;)

April Olivia Roskos said...

Love it!!!


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