Baby Update: 40 weeks

So here we are. I am not really sure what to say.  I am comfortable physically and in general, am doing well emotionally too. I am getting a little weary of the 'this could be our last time to...' game. We have gone to see 3 "last" movies! [we never go out to movies, so I don't know why we have made it an issue...but it's a fun thing to do for now.] Maybe we are just bored. Everything is set and ready to go. Our life is ready and open and excited for a new person.

When I found out I was going to have a baby I new I would be 'late'. I come from a slow baby cooking family and most of my friends who had natural births were late on their first kids too. I don't feel bad for myself at all. The 'is he here yet?' texts, emails and posts don't bug me because he [and I] are so loved and so many people are excited to see him! However something that DOES drive me INSANE are the nurses. They look at me with pity and say 'sorry.' They ask how long I will 'let him 'go.' This started happening a week before he was even due. They tell me mean things like 'you will never make it to your due date' or 'I bet you will go into labor tonight, you just look ready.' Being that I am about to embark on the most insane, [how on earth is this even possible!] work out of my life, I prefer to have my body all the way ready. I feel the changes. In my body and in my soul. We are getting close.

I am looking forward to having him out. I am ready to get the water weight OFF. My joints hurt and all my old volleyball injuries feel like fresh ones. I am ready to wear normal person clothes. I am ready to open a door without knocking it into my tummy or do the dishes without getting my shirt all wet.

And now! Some photos of the nursery! It's simple and I am fond of it. What do you think? 

Hope to show off some newborn photos soon!



April Olivia said...

Love the pics, you look gorgeous!!! It has been so fun seeing you in the pics over the past months!! I LOOOOVE your nursery it looks soooo cool!!!


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