Maternity session with hope

I hope that he loves.

I hope that he dreams.

That he protects.

And sings.

I hope that he dances.

I hope that his smile is quick.

That he says 'thank you' often.

And has adventure in his heart.

I hope that he runs.

I hope that he explores.

That he delights in small things.

And tries without fear.

I hope that he laughs at himself.

I hope that he sees the small things.

That he does not take life too seriously.

And cries without shame.

I hope that he notices souls that others look over. 

I hope he is tender.

That he loves with a reckless heart.

And that he is strong.

I love you, my baby boy.

Thanks to my sister for the photos.


Elizabeth Anne said...

Beautiful and inspirational! Can't wait to meet him! Love the photos.

Heidi said...

Jocelyn. You are absolutely one beautiful Mother. What a lucky child to have 2 inspiring parents and world changers.
- Heidi

Bisceglia Family said...

Awwww, so sweet! I am soon excited for you. And I pray your little one fills all those beautiful hopes and dreams for him. :)


Ashley Rogers said...


April Olivia said...

You are one BEAUTIFUL mama!!! Love the pics and such inspiring words!! Thinking of you and the little guy and praying that you continue to feel well!! *hugs* miss you!


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