I am currently still intact with baby cakes. Still hungry. The week did get a little better. I am feeling more stable. I feel ready to give birth now. Physically and mentally. A cheer to your stories, I needed your love I guess. Seriously I reread all of your comments. Over and over and over. I even got emails from other pregger gals telling me the you deeply encouraged them too! So thank you, your words blessed many of us.

I think we are much closer to holding our dear babe.

But in the mean time...some life that I like, from my phone, Rowan's too!

"Roasting" Marshmallows

Raiden and Rowan

RaidenBaby diaper cake

Baby appointment


Baby G Meets the CG


Reasons my son is crying. Funny. And not so funny...but mostly funny. 
This shirt is on my post baby list. 
Cute! But I am sappy for stuff like this right now. 

Have a great weekend! We plan to stay tucked in as it's going to rain, I suppose it will include cooking and movies and maybe..having a baby? This is baby thing is really going to happen, one day. Might as well be tomorrow. 

Love you all and thanks again for your kind and encouraging words. I can't tell you how much they mean. 



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