We have been working hard over here to get ready for our baby cakes. Life is full and good right now. And a tad stressful I will admit. Perhaps why I have not had as much time to drool over shoes. Which means I am not gushing to you about them. But here are some links if you like.  

Want to feel like a loser? Check this hot mama out. {P.S. How did I miss this?}
My favorite shoes...I want them in this color.
Found my bridesmaid dress for my best friends wedding in Aug. I got it a few sizes too big. Because I feel like a whale right now. I hope I will need to get it altered down...
If you feel like a good cry. Here is one for you. 

And for some life catch up...

"This manual is bigger then my camera's!" Car seats are more complicated then you would guess....

And he will have chevrons in his room! Lucky kid, eh?

Cuddles when I freak out about having a baby.
Just chilling

Sibs. I love them and their faces! They are loud.

Enjoying, being married, sunshine and parks these days.

This weekend is more painting and my little brothers birthday. {I am excited to give him the Ketchup potato chips I found. My mom will be SO happy...just kidding. I am going to tell him he can eat the whole bag if he wants to. It's his birthday for goodness sake.} I think we may go out for breakfast too! I LOVE going out for breakfast. Waking up without an alarm, slowly getting out of bed and saying, 'darling, where should we go for brunch?' Truly one of the best feelings in the world.

I hope you have a lovely day my dears and a weekend full of delightful foods. 



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