Baby Update: 36 weeks

It's 12.34 am Monday night. I forgot that I posted once a week. Well actually, these weeks are going so fast I can hardly keep up. Even with bed rest in the mix. 

Speaking of, I am pleased to say that bed rest is officially over! I got the OK to be up and about as much as I wanted. I have been playing catch up around the house between snacks and contractions. I am starting to get that panic feeling. The one you get when a big deal is headed your way and you want to make sure you have enough toilet paper in the house for a at least a week and the freezer cleaned out so your mother-in-law does not see the weird things you thought would freeze ok. [Yeah...I did that today and now that I write it, I feel like a crazy person. huh.] 

Babe news: 

Age: 36 weeks 
Size: About18 inches and 6 lbs 
Cool life events: Could be BORN! Liver and kidney are working and ready to go. Gums are rigid. 
Responds to music and voices like crazy...then ALWAYS gets the hiccups. 

Jocelyn news: 

Feeling pretty good [for being huge] and ALWAYS hungry. Sometimes I am so hungry I freak myself out. I am more hungry now then I ever have been. I got bangs. Perhaps not the most practical choice but I wanted to do it anyway. I can't really get away with wearing my non-maternity tops anymore. I don't really want to get new ones because we are so close...but showing off my belly could be considered disturbing. Still no stretch marks [thanks for the long torso mom!] The weight gain is going to be close. I have gained 27 and the midwife said I needed 35. But seriously I am eating house and home right now. All I think about is tacos. I am not in pain at all, I am enjoying feeling baby cakes roll around and as excited as I am about meeting the little guy I am hoping for a few more weeks of this stage. [The contractions feel intense but I would not describe them as painful.] 

Totally getting nervous about delivery, reading only positive birth stories...which all end with the women pushing a baby out...soooo to me they still end freaky. Seriously don't know how this is going to work. I just keep looking at people and think 'you where born!' And preparing myself for the worst. 

The nursery is nearly ready to set up. I am looking forward to making his bed and putting his little clothes away. I hope to have this complete by next weekend. 



Natalie Scott said...

I just gave birth to my first baby, 6 months ago. So I can relate to what you're feeling! You will do great! Just remember to breathe and focus :)

Emily Olin said...

Birth really isnt as scary as some people make it out to be. I mean, I did it without taking a single birthing class! A womans body is wonderfully designed for it! God knew what he was doing! Tomorrow I am going to try and write a blog post on how it was for us with our son :-) I will be sure and tag you on it!


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