The vaccine issue

I've stalling on posting this. I have reread it close to 50 times, edited it more than that. Fear of man. That deep desire to be liked, or even more: respected. For people to say 'she is such a good mum!' I am not a research buff, I am not academic in the least. I am highly insecure in something like this.

I have been looking into 'the vaccine issue' for months now. I thought I was ready for the passion. But how can you really get ready to make decisions like this? How can you do enough research and reading to decide anything for a little person? Welcome to parenthood! Yes, I heard that often as I asked nieve and sometimes fearful questions.

Didn't really have a good pic for this post so...selfie it is!  
This is on the way to London earlier this year. I really miss him. 

I had to do my research in small bits because there is death on both sides.
'You baby will die of SIDS if you give them shots!'
'He will be autistic!'


If you don't give your child shots he could die of something that YOU could have prevented. How do you feel now, new parent?

Like a good cry is what I always felt like doing.

But to crawl up in a ball and weep over the vast responsibility that I have been given doesn't help anyone. So I took it slow and had Rowan read stuff that I didn't understand. Between the both of us we have come to some conclusions of our own.

NOTE: I am not a medical professional and this is not medical advice.

Pros of giving my kid shots: 

1.  Most medical professionals are in their profession to help. I truly feel that it is out of a helping and caring heart that people in the medical profession recommend what they do.

2. I have knelt by dying children who could have been lived from a dose of modern medicine. To make all vaccines 'wrong' or 'harmful' is to not receive nor be thankful for the miracle they are. Even as I write this a mothers gut wrenching cries haunt me as her baby dies in her arms. I wonder what she would have given for just a dose of Hep A, I believe it was. Shots have saved, dare I say, millions of lives. From this perspective I don't really understand how anyone could say vaccines are a negative.

3. Most people are stupid. They don't eat well and in general don't take care of themselves, in body or spirt. Being a teacher if I see an issue, or questions come up multiple times from a few different people, I generally adapt my curriculum. I want to benefit as many students as I can. I see this in the medical field as they are now making things 'policy' because so many people are suffering from the same thing.

4. Vaccines are available to us. Sure, enough people have had them that actually we have a choice and can 'opt out' and live safe from many diseases we have not been vaccinated for. Honestly, I don't want to be one of those moms who has the attitude of 'you give your kid a shot so I don't have to give it to mine.' So arrogant.

5. We travel a lot and don't always have the pleasure of being in a [pretty much] disease free country. My child will be exposed to many things other American children will not come in contact with. Don't you want me to give him a shot so he doesn't infect your kid with something nasty from overseas?

Cons of giving my kid shots: 

1. Normal sickness is not a bad thing. I want my baby to have a strong immune system, this happens by fighting sickness. This includes the chicken pox, the flu and colds.

2. We are not normal. Medical professionals have decided to give all kids 'everything' in the name of 'preventative'. Not necessarily a bad thing. I have worked closely with the foster care system and for those children, I strongly agree with the vaccine recommendations. However, we get the pleasure of not putting our son in daycare, or other places where most children spend the first few years of their lives. So, the doses and number of shots prescribed are high for our child.

3. Preservatives in the vaccines, not the vaccines themselves. I am very sensitive to most artifactual things and respond negatively to shots myself. From what I could find, often children react to what is preserving the shot not the actual vaccine.

So...yes that was overwhelming. And left us feeling like there where not really any choices. BUT we did find an option that we both feel very comfortable with.

Our plan [if everything is 'ideal' and there are no complications, etc...] 

We will wait to give him any shots for the first few months. We plan on keeping up with all his recommended doc visits and watching him closely.

We have selected a few shots that he will get before his first trip overseas. He will be about 4 months old.

His shots will be "preservative free" "unit doses".  Meaning, one does of whatever it is with nothing, or fewer preservatives in the vaccine. I found this option though my Naturopath. It was exactly what I was looking for. Rowan and I are not comfortable giving him no shots, but didn't really like the high dosage and other 'stuff' included. This is the perfect option for our family.

So there you have it. I hope you found this interesting and maybe encouraged you to do some of your own research. This is a personal choice for now. I am so very, very thankful to live in a land that allows us to chose things like this.

Every family is different, every kid has different needs. Here is to healthy children and parents that care enough to care for their children in a way they feel comfortable with!

If you would like to email me concerning this I'd love to hear from you :)




Christi said...

Jocelyn, I think this is the most balanced, levelheaded and factual opinion I've heard on vaccines, and I've heard quite a few! And I didn't know you could get "preservative free" vaccines. Good to know!

Thanks so much :)

Sarah Bradshaw said...

I agree with Christi, that this is the most balanced and helpful opinion on vaccines I've ever heard. This is something that Buck and I have talked about on several occasions, as something that will need to be worked through as we move forward in our relationship (I tend to be wary of vaccines, he is not). This is really, really helpful. If and when we get to the point of needing to talk it through more extensively, I may need to give you a call and look at your research. :)


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