iLike...and few things I don't like.

Rowan left today. It was hard. I feel so unbalanced without him these days.

I am settled back home now. I can't decide if it feels good or bad. It's home but it's empty for now. Soon friends will arrive. I have felt so very loved the last few days. The depth of my community is humbling. I have never been a loner. I last about 3 hours without getting deeply lonely. I like full, crazy houses. 

He will be gone a total of 15 days... not that long really. But where I sit it does feel like a very long time. I honestly don't know how our military wives do it. I am crying over 15 days. I guess it's just that grace moment by moment. I tip my hat to them.

The contractions are slow. As long as I am not standing up. I have about a 5 min window to walk slowly to another chair. Sitting does not seem to be a problem. That is nice because if someone drives me to a cafe and drops me near the door I can sit and enjoy an outing. As long as I stay still for about an hour I can walk to a different location without having a strong contraction. I am starting to notice a difference between one that 'does something' and one that is practice. Well, at least I think I can. It makes me feel better anyway. 

But here is stuff I have been liking the last few days:

I have been wanting to show this to you for a few days and I had to post it... after reading parenting books I must say that I found this relatable and hilarious. I love me some Portlandia [and yes, Portland is really IS like this] It's worth a visit. Sorry for the nasty word at the end. Don't talk that way kids. It's not cute.

Had an incredible baby shower! I loved it! My soul felt so full when I left.

Getting some good belly time. I still love it when people touch my tummy.

Spring time!
Spring leaves

I was remembering this today... the day after I found out about the babes. We are outside a baby store to pick up a newborn onesie to give to a new set of grandparents.

Going to miss walking through this... Garden of the Gods, CO last Sept

Baby sis gave me this book. Loving it!
Cucamelon? They say they grow well... might be worth a try

Thank you for all the kind words and notes and emails and comments. I have been re-reading them. No lie.




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