Baby update: Staying home

Remember how I told you I was having contractions? Well, they have turned into a bad thing.  But don't worry, everything is fine as of now. 

After a 4 hour doc appointment yesterday, we have come to find that I am 'making progress' and 30% effaced. I was consistently having about 6 contractions an hour that were 'doing something'. I am 32 weeks and it's not worth freaking out over, but it is keeping me in bed. Not hard core, I just have to keep the contractions to no more then 4 an hour. Activity spurs them on [big time] so if I lay low I am fine. 

Looking lovely...waiting for the results.

The worst part is Rowan and I had planned to go to CO to teach classes for 2 weeks. Obviously I can't go with him so, I am home and he is gone. 

Am I afraid I am going to go into labor while he is away? Yes. Completely terrified. I don't plan on getting up at all while he is gone. I will have my girls come over for the weekend and then head to my parents house. Well, I think that is what will happen. 

If I start having contractions while laying or sitting down they can give me something to stop them so that makes me feel a little better.

I feel emotional right now. I feel weak and I don't want my husband to leave. I really, really wanted to go. However, I am thankful I am near my family, I am thankful for all my awesome friends who have already shown crazy fun support, and made staying home and staying on the couch not so very bad.

It's mind over matter at this point.


Anonymous said...

Aw Joc! You're already so good at taking care of that baby!
Praying for you.
Krissy Mac

Anonymous said...

Good job being so strong! We know that's a difficult place to be in. Prayers are coming your way.


The Smiths

TiemannFamily said...

We will be praying for you! Our first was an early bird but it was such a comfort to know the God knew before he was born when the perfect time for him to come was! Praying that you will get the rest you need & peace from The Lord. Blessings, Briana <3


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