Baby Update: 35 weeks

Rowan made it home safe and sound and we are in full baby mode. It's wonderful to have him back and not get stressed every time I get a contraction that takes my breath away. We have been getting the nursery ready, talking over birth plans and even [is this really happening to me?] packing our hospital bag! Then remembering that oh yeah...we need a diaper bag. Ew. I hate all of them. I am just going to get a cool normal person bag. No diaper in the title. 

Babe News: 
Weeks old: 34 weeks 
Size: The size of a coconut, about 18 inches and 5.5 lbs.
Cool life events: Ready to see the wold. All his manhood is ready to go. Getting excited over music, Rowan's voice, or even a crowed room. This seems to causes hiccups, which then causes a nap, giving me a moment to breathe. 

Jocelyn News: 
So glad my husband is back. The contractions are ever present and I am supposed to be on modified bed rest until Thurs which is my next check up. I am hoping that I will be allowed to go back to normal life. I am looking forward to putting his little room together [which still needs paint and carpet.]  I don't feel like I am about to go into labor. I think it will be at least 2-4 more weeks. I am really falling in love with this little person and am eager to meet him. But to be completely honest with you: I don't want to have a baby come out of me. I don't mind being preggers. It's a tough spot because I want to meet him but don't want to push him out. Good thing I don't have a choice in the matter I suppose. 

Got this picture text on Friday. Not too brag but seriously I have the best husband ever.
Husband Coached Childbirth

Peace my friends, 


Laurel West said...

For what it's worth.... Yes, childbirth is hard, but it's not as scary as everyone and their sister makes it out to be. :) The strength that you can pull from God and your husband will more than carry you through and you'll feel like superwoman when you're done. :) *promise*


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