Baby update: 33 weeks

Hey friends,

Ok Babe news: 

We are totally into the weird fruit zone. I have only ever seen this in Asia...
Size: A Durian fruit [they smell horrid but taste incredible] 18.7 inches 5.8lbs
Cool life events: Hiccups like 7 times a day, keeping his eyes open, trying to get out to see the world! 

Jocelyn News:
33 weeks

I am doing well, Most of the time. The days leading up to Rowan leaving were hard, I mean it's always hard when he is away. But I don't normally cry about it. I plan fun, full days and enjoy my family and friends. But this time it felt different. So different. It felt like the hardest thing I have ever been asked to do. This was not truth but emotion...but man sometimes those emotions are s t r o n g. Strong enough to be mistaken for truth. The drop off to the airport was quick and tearless. I hate long goodbyes and asking a husband to walk away from a tearful, pregnant wife seemed cruel, so I pumped myself up to at least hold it together until I was in the car. I love you, goodbye kiss, drive. Don't look back. Don't play a love song. Remember what is true. 

I spent the weekend with friends, they drove me around, picked up food for me, watched movies, did the dishes and kept me company.  I am at my parents house for the week and they are glad to have me. So very nice to have a loving place to rest. 


Lots and lots of study time.

Still no bellybutton pop...

The contractions are the same, not very strong if I am sitting or laying down. Once I get up I have about 5 min to sit down again or I will have quite a few in a row. So yes, I am laying low, very motivated to not have contractions.

It's one day at a time. No count down, no thinking about tomorrow. Focus, be thankful, be joyful, don't wish your life away.

I am so thankful for you,


Anonymous said...

Oh aren't you glad he's not all spiky like that weird fruit ?!?!?

Kelsey said...

Ahh, I love Bringing Up Bebe! I laughed out loud through the entire book, read portions to my mom so she could laugh with me, and bought a cheap used first parenting book. :] It almost perfectly describes [the non-Christian version of] my child-raising philosophies, and the parts about infant sleep patterns were fascinating.
Also, I was shopping with the soon-to-be aunties (T & L) the other day and they were on high alert for cute baby stuff. Made me smile. :)
Hang in there!
<3, Kelsey Gunn


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