Baby update: 31 weeks

Hi! I hope you had a wonderful, Easter weekend. We did. It was 75 out and perfectly sunny. I must say that sundresses are way better to work with when you have a large middle. We have some great photos. I will post them perhaps tomorrow. [I dressed up like an Easter egg...without even trying!] 

Babe News: 

Age: 31 weeks
Size: Pineapple 16.7 inches long 3.8lbs
Cool life events: All five senses are in working order and getting fatter and fatter. 

Jocelyn News: 

Can I just say serious body odor? I am now carrying deodorant in my purse. Not the natural kind. They say it's from hormones and that it will go away in about 9 weeks.  

My belly button is still not out but I think it will pop before he comes. 

Still loving not needed a coat. 

Peeing like 4 times a night but going straight back to sleep and sleeping harder then I ever have in my life. [I know I know, enjoy it while I can...everyone is saying that...] 

Still having a lot of contractions...getting ready getting ready! 

See ya later,



Silhouettes1881 said...

LOVE your shirt!


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