Last trip ever?

Rowan and I are getting ready to go to Maui! We leave on Friday. I am SO excited. If I had one more day on this earth I would want to spend it on a warm beach all salty and sandy and wet with my family. Hawaii ranks in the top 5 best places in the world to Jocelyn. 

Not that this is abnormal, but Rowan and I have had a very intense 6 months. Starting with spending the first trimester overseas.  Got back for the holidays and spend it with family, started our Photo School's first ever online courses and just finished the first term, planning our first ever multi media mission trip to Thailand and remodeling the basement. It's been a lot of satisfying work. 

However, we have not have very much time to discuss things like, you know what we are going to actually name this kid. To talk and pray out our fears of being parents and giving birth, to tend to and love each others souls. To enjoy some slow life, to watch moves and laugh, to sleep in to wake up and say 'what should we do today?' 

A lot of people have asked what we are going to do on our "last trip together.'

I don't feel like this is the 'last trip'. Because I refuse to put my child before my husband. Marriages that revolve around kids don't seem very fun. My child will be a man one day. He will belong to someone else. I keep my husband, he is the most important person in my life. Forever. Not to mention I think it's in the best interest of our children to keep our  marriage healthy and enjoyable...the way I believe God intended family to be. 

It's not a 'last' because I refuse to have Motherhood become my identity. My identity is in Jesus Christ.  Being a mom is something I am going to do, not the only thing that will identify me. Yes, I know keeping these things true will be a fight. I think it's worth it. And I am quite stubborn when I need to be and am very determined on these two topics. 

Both of us are not grieving or even close to it. We are going to rest and connect because it has been a full year. Good relationships need investment, and laughter and enjoyment of one another and memories and good seafood and walks and discovery and telling secrets and dancing and we plan to do all of those things. 

On our honeymoon nearly 3 years ago at 7 pools Maui. 

Well, that's my rant. I may or not be right about anything. But it's what I think. 


P.S. I am a little disappointed because I thought my bellybutton would be an outie by now, but it's not. I tried on my swimsuit for my best friend and sister and they both agreed that I don't look very preggers. Dang it! I was really hopping for the basketball look! It makes your legs looks so hot when you are in a swimsuit.


TiemannFamily said...

A good hearty Amen! I agree about keeping your marriage a priority over the children. Someone told me that the best gift you can give your children is to have a great marriage :) have a wonderful babymoon! And just having fun together!
<3 Briana

Ashley Rogers said...

Dang! You got me all teared up! Such a lovely post, J. :) I remember first meeting you at the BTS Conference 7+ yrs ago, worship team practices, volleyball, marriage... now you're having a BABY. OH.MY.WORD. What an awesome journey; so excited for you & Rowan! Can't wait to give your little guy a kiss on those irresistible baby cheeks! :)


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