Dear, wonderful friends came to Portland for a wedding and stayed with us! We ate a lot and caught up. Isn't it wonderful when people you love are in the same season of life as you are? Jokes are funnier, stories are completely relatable and everything is just relaxed. Thus was the visit of the bellies...

Less then a month apart! Both boys!
Prego Buddies

Faces that bring us great joy.
Jeff n Gab

True friends laugh for reals at vacation videos.
Fun Times

'The boys'

It's getting about a snack? Untitled

Famous waffle window.  Even if you live here it's really, really good.

Couple friends!

I am in my best friends wedding 6 weeks after my baby is born. Did you know you can rent a dress? I am considering it.
My Favorite cookbook of all time. Simple, fast, classy food.
A friends sent this book this week. Really enjoying it. Considering making baby wipes and powder...hummmm....I will keep you posted on that idea.
Haha. Is this what the next royal will look like? 

Have a great Easter weekend my loves.



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