This weekend we have some dear ones staying with us from CA. We are eating our way though Portland and enjoying catching up. They are expecting a baby 3 weeks after we are! It's so cool to have someone so close to us preggers too! Great fun.

Oh man, have some cuteness to show you today!  

Thanks to good friends who know me so well, these two things arrived in the mail! 

For our 'hipster' portland baby. [nothing makes me more excited about baby cakes then shoes]

Sexy, new color for spring to make me feel pretty. 

Thanks Michael and Steph! I sure miss you guys. 

What I look forward to every afternoon. Peanut butter and jelly toast!

Getting the guest room ready for some of our besties for a long weekend!

Read this book on baby oils. I am sold on the idea. Thanks Grandma! 
Love this newborn shoot gets me thinking...
Have I ever mentioned turkish towels? We love them! I have a yellow one, Rowan has a red one.
Check out this baby bath
Would you wear these [awesome] crazy printed pants

Have a great weekend!



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