iLike Friday!

We are flying to Hawaii today. That is what I like the very very most! I will tell you about that later...

Here are some things I liked this week.

Coffee shop hop date with my Rowan. We hit 4 in one afternoon. Boom. 

Dorky photo, but we are friends so you get to see. 

Dipping biscotti

We got a free double sink for the new bathroom we are putting in. My dad is awesome at finding us cool stuff from his jobs.
Dave loading the foods

I still love riding in my dad's big truck. I always have, I always will! [I can't wait until I have a bouncing little boy to ride with us!]
Jocelyn and Dave ready to roll

Baby love. He got this from Auntie Liz. Wear it loud and proud my son. I am so excited to dress this child.

Baby sis got home from Uganda and brought Rowan some coffee. I can't drink it but it smells divine! Check out some photos of her trip here.


Downton fan? This will make you chuckle.

 This one would not last a day. I would smash it out of anger. 

Why has THIS never happened before? 

Been on an old  John Mayer kick [I love his him. I just wish he was not so dumb]. 

Here is a rad video for you artists [Also about John].

See you in Hawaii! 


Natalie Scott said...

Have a wonderful vacation, Maui is my favorite place to visit!!


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