Baby update: 29 weeks

11 weeks and counting. I guess I should get serious about getting this child a place to sleep and such things.  

Baby news: 
Size: Acorn squash. 16.5 inches and 3.8 lbs
Cool life events: hiccups, fat cells for energy, sleep cycles, pushes back if he's poked too much...which only makes us bug him more it's so fun!!! Pretty sure he know how to do flips too.

Had a midwife appointment, everything looks 'perfect'. He is growing well. 

Jocelyn News: 

Hit the third trimester and strange things started happening...I pee every 10 min but it's like one teaspoon and takes forever. I am so sleepy again-back to daily naps and not being able to stay awake.  I can't eat enough at meals. I run out of room so I pretty much have to eat all day.  Traveling was hard this trimester; my tail bone hurts if I sit too long and my fingers got all puffy and I started to retain water. This week I have been really focused on staying hydrated and eating really fresh food. So far it's working I am feeling better and everything seems to be going back to normal. I started having contractions. I didn't know what was going on until my midwife let me know. Honestly I feel better knowing my body is 'practicing' for delivery. But yeah, I am a little nervous about it and have read a few 'birth stories' of people who have had epidurals and parties with their friends and family. Ah, so, so tempting. But I know my body would not handle it well. I can't even drink a cup of coffee. 

Had a stranger ask when I was due! I almost asked to take a photo with her. I was 28.5 weeks. I have been waiting a LONG time for that moment! It was just as awesome as I expected. 

I feel huge. I have gained 20 lbs. I am hoping to gain 10 more and call it good [hear that man child? Stop craving so many carbs!] 

Rowan and I had a very blessed time in Hawaii. I feel much more ready emotionally and spiritually for this baby. We had time to talk, think, pray. Together and alone. I wrote a lot, read a lot, was honest a lot. He did the same. We put it as 'the best vacation we have ever taken'. The days where long and we are refreshed. We didn't 'go out' once. We spent our whole budget at Costco, so there was not any 'fun money.' I ended up being so glad. We made dinner together and ate in in the sunset on our lanai over looking the sea. We talked until it was dark.  My best friend got engaged while I was there. That was hard timing, but I was able to FaceTime her and that is at least better then a phone call. I am excited to be involved in another wedding! I am so excited for her to start a new, wonderful phase of life! I am in the wedding 6 weeks after the baby is I am sure I will need to let you in on my quest to find a dress drama :) 

The view from our room.
Kuleana Club

We didn't make much progress on the name issue. Both of us just feel like we will know it when we know it. We prayed about it often but nothing really happened so we are waiting. And seeking. 

Thanks for all the baby love! Writing to you does my soul well, 


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