Baby Update: 28 weeks

Aloha! We are having a great time, resting mostly. Working to be slow. Not making too many plans. 

The babe seems to be enjoying the water as much as I am :) His kicks are getting so strong. And now my tummy goes into odd shapes [perfect for swimsuits]

Baby news:
He likes Maui. I knew he would be a beach baby. I mean he is half of me right?

Size: 28 weeks! 2.5 lbs., 14.8 inches [He is the size of an egg plant...which I could not find here. Maybe they are just smarter in this place?] I had a bad experience with egg plants once.

Cool life events: Woking on looks. Fat and smooth skin, eyelashes and hair. Working out the lungs.

Jocelyn News:
Traveling has apparently been hard on the bod. I have had weird things happen, my veins are really pronounced and my hands turn blue sometimes. My midwife said it's from the travel and climate change. It was a little scary and has been a little stressful the first few days we have been here. Disappointing and annoying. Everyday I seem better and I think it will be ok. But we did think we might have to go to the hospital...NOT what we wanted to do. 

After a day at the beach! This is my new favorite dress!
28 weeks

And some happy snaps for you.

Excited to be in the tropics together!

Beach babe.

What I love to do.

Breakfast and polkadots.

Love from Maui! 



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